Principal Visits High School Student at Drive Thru Window to Announce She's the 2020 Valedictorian

Valedictorian, 2020 Graduating Class, Culvers, Drive Thru
Photo credit CBS News
By US 99

It has been a tradition at Grand Traverse Academy in Traverse City, Michigan that the school principal notifies the students who have earned the salutatorian and valedictorian title in person, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the school has been closed since March 13th.

Even with the school closures and the social distancing rules, Michelle Floering, secondary principal at the academy, found a way to tell the valedictorian the good news in person! She did not think a phone call or video chat was good enough for news this big!

After the news was announced to the staff, Floering immediately called the student's mom to see if she could surprise her. The mother told the principal that Kaitlyn was currently working as an essential employee at the local Culver's drive-thru. When asked if it would be okay to show up during her shift, Kaitlyn's mom said of course!

So, Floering hopped in her car to make an order at the Culver's drive-thru.

When she arrived at the window, she asked for Kaitlyn and then told her the amazing news! Kaitlyn's reaction was EVERYTHING! See for yourself!

With many senior milestones like prom, study abroad and graduation taken away from Watson and her senior peers, Floering wanted to make sure to make this a memory she will not forget! #GoodVibes