Uber Lays Off 3,700 Employees on Zoom

Uber, Zoom, Lay off, Employees, COVID-19
Photo credit Adam Berry
By US 99

The new normal has been working from home and conducting meetings via Zoom, which seems fine until jobs have to be terminated remotely and you find yourself getting fired over a video conference call.

That is exactly what happened to over 3,700 Uber employees yesterday. 

The ride-sharing company used the popular teleconference software to inform employees about the layoffs. In a statement, Uber shared that layoffs are never easy and especially in this unprecedented time, but they ensured the public they provided the clearest, most empathetic experience possible and have put together a strong severance package and other benefits. 

Due to the pandemic, trip volume is down, which means there is not enough work for many front-line customer support employees. Uber is trying to survive the virus, just like all other companies, and unfortunately, that meant saying goodbye to many staffers.  

Hopefully, when the lockdown is lifted and people begin leaving their homes again, the company's business will increase and be able to hire back some of the employees.