Live Events Company in Sycamore is Using Their Manufacturing Equipment to Make Masks and Supplies for Hospitals

Hospital Masks, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Live Events
Photo credit Morsa Images
By US 99

Upstaging Inc. in Sycamore, IL is known for taking on big tasks especially in the events and concerts industry. 

The company helps with corporate events as well as concert tours for artists such as Billie Eilish, The Rolling Stones, Pearl Jam, and Paul McCartney. 

When their business came to a screeching halt due to the COVID-10 coronavirus, it decided to use their equipment to help in relief efforts. With a full warehouse of equipment, a fleet of semi-trucks, and employers ready to create products, the company has begun making plastic room dividers that can be easily cleaned as well as masks for hospitals.

They are currently trying to stay local and targeting healthcare places in Sycamore, the surrounding county, northern Illinois, and the city of Chicago area.

John Huddleston Director of Live Events for Upstaging said they are even able to take their warehouse space and convert it into a hospital setting in days. 

The company has been featured on WGN News where Huddleston gave an in-depth look at all the supplies his employees are making for the emergency relief effort. 

Overall, Upstaging Inc. is here and ready to aid in the emergency response work.