Facebook Friday with Rachel Wammack!

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Photo credit Floyd McCraney
By US 99

The incredibly talented Rachel Wammack took over our US*99 Facebook before she completely rocked the stage at the Rosemont Theatre for our US*99 Country Class of 2019 show! 

Rachel absolutely loves Chicago and talked about how excited she was to perform at both our Country Class of 2019 show and then LakeShake in June on the Next From Nashville Stage!  She was one of the crowd favorites at Country Class and brought everyone to tears when she sang an acoustic version of 'Some People Do.' Her soulful voice is literally amazing to hear live! 

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She talked about how pumped she was to perform at LakeShake, not only because she was included in the all female lineup, but because it will be a full band show. She said how much she loves her band and how excited she was for the crowd to finally meet and enjoy them! 

During her Facebook takeover she shared the meaning behind her new single 'Enough,' which is a great song about knowing your worth and not comparing yourself to others. This inspirational ballad is about loving those around you through it all and building each other up! We cannot wait to hear more new songs from Rachel in the future! 

She also went on to discuss her wedding plans! She and longtime boyfriend, Noah Purcell, got engaged last March and will be married later this summer! 

Rachel also talked about how much she loves Chicago pizza!! Stopping at Giordano's whenever she is in town is a MUST for her!

She ended her takeover talking about her musical influences which include Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Sam Smith, Ellie Goulding, and Maggie Rodgers. Fun Fact: She covers 'Light On' by Maggie Rodgers in all her sets now!