Who knew that Old Dominion's Matthew Ramsey & Dave Grohl have this in common?

Matthew Ramsey's Dave Grohl Chair
Photo credit Twitter/@OldDominion
By US 99

This is possibly the greatest thing for two musicians to have in common!!

Remember back to 2015 when Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters took a tumble off stage and fractured his leg? IN THE MIDDLE OF A TOUR?!

And when he then was inspired, while still in the hospital and possibly under the influence of morphine & oxycontin... to create a 'throne,' allowing him to still be able to perform for the rest of their summer tour?

Here's a visual refresher: 

Here's another look (notice the guitar necks):

And note it's resemblance to the one in Game of Thrones... (ps isn't the Queen so cute looking at it?!)

Well as you know, Matthew Ramsey of Old Dominion recently had surgery and was forced to postpone some shows. But he's been working hard to get back out on the road, and it looks like that time has come, thanks to "some help from our friends #DaveGrohl and @foofighters"

The rock throne is back!!! With an incredibly talented country twist!! 

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