Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Diploma and Money
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By US 99

Did Kelly from Merrillville's excitment match her knowdge of country music?

She enrolled in Roman's College of Country Knowledge with hopes of winning the $750 in the rolling jackpot!

Stylz and Roman play every morning at 7:40 AM.

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Today's Questions:

1.  This singer's favorite number is 13.  She worked at her family's Christmas tree farm growing up and has ex's that include Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and Calvin Harris.  Who is it? (Taylor Swift)

2.  Jimmie Allen says the concept of giving your best shot came from his grandmother.  What song was he talking about when he mentioned this? (Best Shot)

3.  This group plays Tinley Park on August 9th as part of the Mega Ticket.  Morgan Wallen and Dan and Shap are opening.  What group is it? (FGL)

4.  "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" is by what classic country singer? (Charlie Daniels Band)

5.  Dierks Bentley's wife Cassidy is his childhood sweetheart.  How many kids do they have? (Three)