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Today's Questions:

1.  Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are both huge fans of the show "Game of Thrones" and try to not watch it when the other is not around.  What TV network is that show on? (HBO)

2.  Jake Owen says that Kellie Pickler inspired a song on his upcomoing album. Even though she's a talk show host now, Pickler first gained fame on what reality show singing competition? (American Idol)

3.  This singer is opening up about her broken engagement to BF Alex Hopkins, saying "When you start planning your entire future and you're not agreeing on things, it's really hard."  Name her.  (Lauren Alania)

4.  This singer took a break from social media in January and even traded in his smartphone for a flip phone.  He says he's never felt better.  Who is he? (Brett Eldredge)

5.  What major country star came in third place on the first season of Nashville Star.  Who is it? (Miranda Lambert)