Amazon's new delivery vans make an alien-style sound as they roll through your neighborhood

Photo credit Getty images

You know how you'd get excited as a kid hearing the music that meant the ice cream man was coming? I'd say that as adults, the closest we get to that excited feeling is when the Amazon delivery person is coming to drop off our packages.

And now . . . that experience could be even MORE like the ice cream truck.

Because Amazon has started rolling out delivery vans that make special SOUNDS when they're rolling around neighborhoods.  It's because any electric vehicles that go under 18.6 miles-per-hour need to make noise to prevent accidents.

But . . . the Amazon trucks aren't playing "Farmer in the Dell" or "Pop Goes the Weasel" like ice cream trucks.  A YouTube video of one of the new trucks shows they make a weird ALIEN-style sound.

Amazon is going to have at least 100,000 of these delivery vans on the roads within the next two years.