How many of these common, gross behaviors will you admit to?

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Someone polled over 100,000 people online and asked about different things a lot of us do but never talk about. How many of these habits will YOU admit to?

1.  Do you pick your nose when no one's around?  93% said yes.  And 43% have EATEN it before.

2.  In the bathroom, do you ever skip the whole hand-washing thing because you're just too lazy?  69% said yes.

3.  Have you ever SOILED yourself, besides when you were a baby?  36% of us have done it as a teenager or adult.

4.  Have you worn the same pair of underwear two days in a row?  68% have.

5.  Have you ever passed gas and denied it was you?  79% said yes.

6.  Do you ever pee in the shower?  83% of us do.

7.  Have you ever popped someone ELSE'S zit?  38% of us have.

8.  Do you ever stick your fingers somewhere gross and then SNIFF them, just because you're curious?  74% admitted to it.  (BuzzFeed)