I'm Listening: Recognizing How You Feel on 9/11

Dr. Donaghue encourages conversation and understanding on this day of mourning

As we approach RADIO.COM's I’m Listening broadcast Wednesday, September 23 at 6PM, it’s important to acknowledge the impact terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 had on America’s collective mental health.

Dr. Chris Donaghue sat down with RADIO.COM, urging Americans to express empathy during this mourning period. “September 11th was a powerful moment for all of us,” he said. “Part of coping with our feelings around September 11th is to be able to talk about everything that’s coming up for us. Holding space for yourself and those around you to mourn the loss.”

This tumultuous year has brought stresses from every angle: a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, social justice protests. Amid these struggles, Dr. Donaghue reminds listeners to recognize how that moment, 19 years ago, made you feel.

“Never shame how you’re feeling, and sit with others talking about everything you’re thinking. Part of community healing is us being there for each other. Not shaming anyone’s emotional expression. Not telling anyone to get over something that’s happened, but allowing us to sit and honor the impact of September 11th.”

If you, or anyone you know, needs help during a mental health crisis, TEXT: TALK to 741-741. The Crisis Text Line serves anyone, in any type of crisis, and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their trained Crisis Counselors are available for coping with any painful emotion for which you need support.

In the lead up to September 23, we're also sharing moments from past I'm Listening shows here and at ImListening.org, as well as highlights from this year's line up, including Luke Combs, Katy Perry, Cage The Elephant, and more opening up about mental health.

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