Atlanta Breast Cancer Survivor Journey Inspires New Business, 'Mantra Mugs'

Katrina Johnson Mantra Mugs
By V-103

As most of the world is spending time at home, our daily work routine no longer includes the office. For many of us, our regime was; wake up, get to work, settle in, get your morning coffee or tea, and start your day. Nonetheless, we are continuing this routine but may need a bit more inspiration to get through the day. It's not a splash of Kahlua in our coffee mugs (well maybe) or a drip of tequila in our tea, but its a 'Mantra Mug' that will get the job done. Custom minimalistic mugs with sayings like, "Protecting My Peace," "Winner," or even office sayings like, "Per my last email," can set the tone for your daily routine while at home.

Former Entercom employee Katrina Johnson now the creator of "Mantra Mugs" is stepping out and bringing the world something they didn't know they needed.

'Mantra Mugs," as seen on 'Good Morning America,' is a custom beverage mug company based in Atlanta, GA, specializing in customizing beverage mugs for all occasions.

Katrina started the company as she was going through her breast cancer journey. Many of her closest family and friends were there for her during her fight and she simply wanted to thank them for helping through the challenging time and give them a sweet yet fun meaningful gift, that they wouldn't want to throw away. During her fight and healing and spirit of gratitude, a new life appeared, "Mantra Mugs" was born!




Katrina has stopped and started her company twice based on her journey in 2017 and 2019 with breast cancer, deeming it a "rebirth" of the company the second time around.

Her small business is here to make a significant impact on others, making it easy to give gifts. "Mantra Mugs" come "boxed and bowed" and ready to be gifted. You just provide "Mantra Mug" with your desired mantra, the address, the personal message, and they handle the rest. 

Being in the height of making sure we support Black and Brown businesses to keep the dollar circulating in the community, this is one we don't want to miss!

Head to http://WWW.MANTRAMUGS.NET to get your mugs now

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