Atlanta Men Drink Poison to Stop COVID-19

Two Atlanta men drank disinfectants in an effort to avoid getting the coronavirus.
Photo credit (Photo Credit: Getty Images)
By V-103

Disinfectants are what 2 Atlanta men drank in an effort to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

According to Georgia Poison Control, one man drank a combination of cleaners used in the home, along with medication, beer and mouthwash. The other man ingested bleach. The incidents occurred this past weekend.

President Donald Trump had suggested during a meeting with the news media last Thursday that maybe doctors should look at injecting people with disinfectants as a cure for the coronavirus.  He has since said that he was being “sarcastic” with reporters.

A statement from RB Group, the makers of Lysol, said “under no circumstance should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body.”

The men who drank the cleaners meanwhile, have been treated and released. Both reportedly had prior mental health issues.

Mental health expert LaTrina Foster says while she recognizes that people are experiencing “high levels of anxiety and seeking solutions to minimize their potential risk”, this is not the solution.

Foster, Director of the Fulton County Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities in Atlanta says the best way to manage anxiety is “to seek factual information, maintain social distancing, shelter in place, engage in self-fulfilling activities to take your mind off of COVID.” Foster suggests activities such as exercise, gardening, journaling, listening to music, cooking, watching a movie, reading a book, and connecting with family and friends through a virtual platform. Foster says you have to find things that make you feel good, and adds “the prescription will not be the same for all.”