Fast food worker caught scratching her rear then serving fries

The woman is shown with her hand down her pants, then uses the same hand to serve food.
French fries
Photo credit Getty Images

A TikTok user named @itskelseylol recently posted a disturbing video filmed at a fast food restaurant. It shows an employee with her left hand down the back of her pants and then using the same hand to scoop fries. The man recording can be heard saying, "Um, excuse me, Ma'am, can I get my large fry?" To which she replies, "Hold on" as she removes her hand from her waistband to serve the side dish.

Commenters were disgusted, and the poster explained it was a joke from 2016. She said the restaurant was closing up for the night when they shot the prank. The chain also commented that the employee was let go after her foul stunt.