André 3000 Launches a Powerful T-Shirt Collection That Benefits the 'Movement for Black Lives'

The new line is only available for purchase for three days.

During Outkast’s set at Lollapalooza in 2014, André 3000 dawned a jumpsuit that read “across cultures, dark people suffer most. why?” Now in 2020, he’s taken things a step further. The Outkast frontman has launched a new t-shirt line inspired by the memorable outfit, but it's only available for a limited time.

André3000 Lollapalooza, 2014
André 3000 Lollapalooza, 2014 Photo credit Getty Images

The shirts offer the initial message that was printed on André’s jumpsuit, as well as other statements such as “breathe.” “which type of stereo are you?” and “can one rest in peace & violence?” Purchases of the shirts can be made on the singer’s website, and all the proceeds from the shirts will go to the Movement for Black Lives.

In an Instagram post detailing information about the apparel, André says, “this is only one piece in the war against systemic racism. It takes all of us. BLACK LIVES MATTER…”

The shirts launched today and will be on sale for three days. The link to shop is available in André’s Instagram bio.

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