Are Falcons entering a full rebuild?

By and 92-9 The Game

As the Falcons' 2020 season has now come to an end, the search for general manager and head coach is on as the team has already interviewed multiple candidates for each job. After team owner Arthur Blank and President of the team Rich McKay held a press conference Monday the guys on Dukes & Bell reacted to what they had to say, and asked is the team about to enter into a rebuild?

Dukes talked about why he thinks this team isn’t in a rebuild.

“One of the first things he said is there's enough talent here. He didn't say names, right. But he said, we believe there's enough talent here. I've said this too from the jump. I think when you start using the terms, and this is all semantics, but when you start saying we're rebuilding, nobody wants to hear that,” Dukes said. “Nobody wants to hear that if your company, the company you work for came in and said, we're rebuilding, you'd be like, oh, who's getting fired? What are we doing? Who's getting a pay cut? It there's something to be said about it? And the phrasing of it? Are they going to change many things? Yes, because you're going to have new people running it. So yes, there will be things that will be changed. But I just don't believe that, you know, that they're going to tell us straight up that they're going to rebuild.

“Rich is right. And he said this on our show when you were out, by the way, and it's hard because again, a lot of people weren't here in '07. But you've talked about the Mike Vick fiasco, there was no worse time for this franchise, publicly. OK. Or privately because everywhere guys went, it's all anybody wanted to talk about. And yet the following year, boom, you're back in the playoffs. New coach, new quarterback, the whole shebang. I don't know if that happens next year. What I am saying is guys, it's possible and this team has already proven that those things can happen.”