Douglas: Smith is hardest working coach I've been around, true lunch-pail guy

By and 92-9 The Game

Former Falcons and Titans receiver Harry Douglas joined Dukes & Bell and talked about new Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Arthur Smith, what he brings as the new HC and how the team just hired one of the hardest working coaches in the game.

Douglas talked about the work ethic that Arthur Smith will bring to the team.

“I know a lot about Arthur Smith, he was in Tennessee while I was there, first of all he was one of the most hardest working people I’ve ever been around.” Douglas said “He was always in early, he was always staying late, he was always doing what he had to do.”

“You look at the two places that this offense struggled last year for the Falcons it was red-zone it was rushing this football, two things I know that’s gonna be right is running the football and red-zone offense, so I thought it was a great hire. I’ve seen Art work from the bottom all the way up, literally from the bottom all the way up, never complained. Always worked hard, always put his hard hat on, always brought his lunch pail and was ready to work every single day.”