Ja Rule is a Harvard Business School graduate

'I ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer buuuuut…'
Ja Rule
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Throughout his career Ja Rule has been many things. From a bonafide hitmaker, to inspiring entrepreneur, even a Greek restaurant spokesperson. And now he can add Harvard Business School graduate to that list.

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Humbly proud of his accomplishment, he took to twitter to show off his certificate of completion from the Ivy League university, while boasting, “I ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer buuuuut…”

“Jeffrey Atkins,” Ja Rule’s real name, “has successfully completed the Harvard Business School Online Certificate Program - Entrepreneurship Essentials,” the certificate read. And further stated, “this certificate program introduces a framework - People, Opportunity, Context, Deal - to evaluate opportunities, manage start-ups, and finance ventures.”

Hmmm… Perhaps Ja thought it prudent to become a bit more business savvy after the infamous Fyre Festival that never was. By the looks of it, that's a yes. Since that extremely large disaster and epic fail, Ja seems to want to focus his energy into the tech industry.

Last year when speaking to HipHop DX about his ICONN app that allows people to easily book their favorite artists and entertainers, Ja expressed his fascination. “I love tech space, man. It gives you that creative feeling again, like whether you first get in the lab and start making records and s***, and you’re like, ‘Will this work? Will people like this how me and my n***** like this?’ It’s like we got a secret. We about to let this secret loose to the world.”

“That’s how I feel like with tech. I’m not recreating the wheel, man. I’m creating it for the culture. That’s the f***ing difference. It’s other live platforms. It’s other platforms that let you monetize your content, but it ain’t ICONN, trust what the f*** I’m telling you.”

Not sure we follow, or if a point was actually made, but then again we aren’t online Harvard Business School graduates. Guess we'll just have to trust.

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