Braves are thinking World Series or bust

Why the Braves are finally entering the business of winning the World Series

Was Tuesday the end of an era had come for the Atlanta Braves?

And if so, it is good or bad that this era has come to an end?

Jon Chuckery was trying to figure out if the Atlanta Braves, by signing Charlie Morton Tuesday and Drew Smyly a week ago, are finally saying that pitching prospects are a thing of the past.

For a few years now Braves fans have been hearing all about the young pitching that’s coming up in the minor leagues, how they just need time, and how the Braves want to build their rotation from within. Now with guys who are a lock in the starting rotation such as Max Fried, Mike Soroka, and Ian Anderson, the Braves weren’t necessarily wrong, but with guys like Sean Newcomb and Touki Toussaint, who aren’t sure if they’ll be on the roster next season, the Braves weren’t necessarily right either.

Now, the Braves shouldn’t be shamed for what happened or what might happen to Newcomb and Toussaint, because most of the time most prospects don’t work out. However, with the Braves being a game away from the World Series this past season, the young nucleus that they have, and Freddie Freeman being in the prime of his career coming off of an MVP season, it seems like Liberty Media has finally started seeing the Braves as World Series contenders instead of just another investment. Either that or general manager Alex Anthopolous has convinced them of such.

It’s too early to pencil them in now, but with the signings of Smyly and Morton the Braves seem like they might be headed toward being in what Chuckery calls, “the business of winning a World Series.”

For years we’ve heard reason after reason why this team won’t spend big bucks on a top-flight pitcher or bat. But with these two signings, are we possibly seeing a change of heart? These signings don’t prove that to be so yet, but with the Braves finally signing proven veteran starting pitchers who aren’t way past their prime, Liberty Media doesn't seem as scared to invest in a top-flight pitcher or bat.

Maybe the Braves put themselves in the Nolan Arenado sweepstakes, and won’t be afraid to part ways with some of their young and talented minor league talent. It’s now starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, Liberty Media might be behind this team some.

With winter meetings being cancelled this offseason, it could take a while for the Braves to make any major moves. But with what they have done so far, it seems like Liberty Media and the Braves might be ending the 'Let’s see what our young talent can do era,' and starting the 'Let’s put all of our chips in the middle of the table and get some proven studs era.'

Is it crazy to say that maybe just maybe the Braves are finally back in business of winning the World Series?