Where does this loss rank in Falcons-Saints rivalry?


As the Falcons lost to the Saints and backup quarterback Taysom Hill, who had only attempted four passes all season, the guys on Dukes & Bell wondered where this loss to the Saints ranks all-time?

Carl asked if this was the worst loss to the Saints ever for our Falcons.

“This whole Taysom Hill thing and the disrespect of it as we talked about last week,” Dukes said. “Sean Payton kinda saying, 'Ha you guys aren’t that good, I could start Taysom Hill and he’ll beat ya. And he did.'”

Mike talked about what he thinks is the worse loss for the Falcons in the rivalry.

“I don’t think anything will ever beat the Katrina game," said Bell. "We come back, of course the blocked punt obviously all that, that entailed. Unfortunately there’s just been so many bad moments in this one.”