Why Arthur Blank had to get this new regime right

Arthur Blank had to bring in guys who could fix the culture and steer the future of the Atlanta Falcons' franchise in the right direction
By and 92-9 The Game

After an 0-5 start for the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank made a decision to move on from former head coach Dan Quinn and general manager Thomas Dimitroff. From that point on with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones getting older and the window of an era starting to close, Blank and Rich McKay knew that had to hire a new regime that can not only work with what they have now to bring back a winning culture in Atlanta but also prepare for the future of the franchise.

With the hires of Arthur Smith as the head coach and Terry Fontenot as the general manager, it seems the Falcons have done just that.

Jon Chuckery broke down, dissected, and reacted to some audio cuts from the new general manager of the Falcons, Terry Fontenot. Chuck was impressed with what he heard from Fontenot, and he believes that the new GM will make good decisions not only because of his background but because of him being able to manage pro personnel the way he does.

Also, Chuck is impressed with the fact that he wasn’t asking for control over who the head coach was going to be and he “did the research” on Smith and will work with whoever he needs to to be successful.

As far as Smith goes, Jon loved Arthur’s talk of “adaptability” and playing with toughness and accountability. Jon believes this was something that was lacking from this Falcons team the past few years.

Jon always believed that Blank was one of the best owners and made this a very attractive franchise to not only play for but to coach and work for as well. With that being said, all of that has allowed Blank to get the guys that he not only wanted to steer the future of the franchise but the guys he had to get as well. It seems like with Smith and Fontenot the Falcons are in good hands, but time will tell.