WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 1/19/2020

Rock Band
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WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 1/19/2020... as we go along...
  • Coyote Kolb- Kolb Chadley-Big Brother Blues-Sun Atwood's Tavern
  • Orson & the Rosebuds-War-Fri The Jungle Community Music Club
  • Hallelujah The Hills-Get Me In A Room-Tues ONCE Somerville
  • Gene Dante and The Future Starlets-We Are All Whores-Fri Midway Cafe
  • human sexual response-What Does Sex Mean to Me
  • American Echoes-Diddle-Thurs O'Brien's Pub
  • Sky Tigers-Knuckleduster-Sat The Worthen Attic
  • Fireking-Look To The Sun-Sat Sally O'Brien's
  • Graveyard of the Atlantic-Cleanup Hitter-Sat Cantab Lounge
  • Tad Overbaugh & The Late Arrivals-Open Road and Blue Sky-Sat The Jungle Community Music Club
  • Born Yesterday-Sun Shines Through-Sat Midway Cafe
  • The Fools-Life Sucks Then You Die-Sat The Bull Run Restaurant
  • WATTS-Flash of White Light-Sat The Square Root
  • Hi-End-Blood Red Lips-Sat The Square Root
  • Justine and the Unclean-Picking A Fight-Sat The Square Root
  • Featuring A Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance by Auto Interiors from 4/17/05 on WAAF!! <3< li>
  • Ringtail-Mask of Bees-Sat Lizard Lounge Cambridge
  • Best Not Broken-Faster-Sun The Jungle Community Music Club
  • Lovewhip-Automatic-Sat Opus Underground
  • Big Jon & The Mattress Factory-Cryin’ Man-Thurs Lizard Lounge Cambridge
  • The Womps-Barefoot Sensei-Thurs Thunder Road Music Club
  • 21-645-Red Red  
  • Two Ton Com'n & The Heavyweights-Sun Zoom Spark-Sat Tavern at the End of the World