WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 2/2/2020

Rock Band
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WAAF Bay State Rock playlist 2/2/2020... as we go along... 
  • Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom)-Taillights Fade from 9/4/18 w/ Pearl Jam-Sat Paradise Rock Club
  • NICK and the Adversaries-Give Give Give-Sat Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub
  • Mike Gent-Last Boat To Japan-Sat  Paradise Rock Club
  • Ghost Train-Couldn’t Love You More-Fri The Chop Shop Pub & Grub
  • Lou Miami and the Kozmetix-To Sir With Love
  • Letters to Cleo-Green Eggs-Sat Paradise Rock Club
  • Dead Trains-Mr.Man-Thurs O'Brien's Pub
  • Zip-Tie Handcuffs-Propaganda-Thurs O'Brien's Pub
  • Worshipper-Black Corridor-Fri ONCE Somerville
  • Will Dailey-Sunken Ship-Sat Paradise Rock Club
  • Marie's Children-Sweet Jenny-Fri Union Street Restaurant
  • Belly (Tanya Donnelly)-Feed the Tree-Sat Paradise Rock Club
  • Classic Ruins-Nyquil Stinger-Sat The New World Tavern
  • Why Try?-Life On TV-Thurs The Jungle Community Music Club
  • The Billy Connors Project-I Call BS-Sun Midway Cafe
  • Featuring A Previously Recorded Live Acoustic Performance by Count Zero from 9/7/14on WAAF!! <3< li>
  • The Inebriations-Chelsea Station-Sat Midway Cafe
  • The Von Traps-Johnny Was An Indian-Sat Sally O'Brien's 
  • Never Gonna Make It-Blood On The Floorboards-Sat The New World Tavern
  • Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents-Getaway-Sat Paradise Rock Club
  • Glowbox-Moonstone-Fri McGanns Irish Pub