Falcons' offense not matching its defense


Last season the Falcons closed 6-2 in the second half and that charge was undoubtedly led by the defense. The 43-6 win over the Raiders showed the defense is picking things up once more.

While 43 points seems like a lot, realistically it could have, and probably should have, been a lot more.

Even though the improving defense the past few weeks has led to a number of wins since Raheem Morris took over, there is some concern about the ability of the offense to put up points.

When Dan Quinn was at the helm and the Falcons started 0-5, the Falcons offense was flying high. But it didn't lead to wins. And while the defense is ramping up, the offense is slowing down and that could cost the Falcons some games just like it did in Week 11 versus the Saints.

Falcons analyst Dave Archer joined John and Hugh and spoke about the offense needing to match the defense.

The defense played pretty well against the Saints, but what is Atlanta going to do on their offensive side of the ball.

They were given a number of opportunities and had to settle for five field goals. That’s not going to work, you need to be more efficient.

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