Raheem Morris' Falcons aren't any different

Falcons lose to Saints and QB Taysom Hill in his first career start

The Falcons entered their bye week with a Week 9 win over the Denver Broncos, a 3-1 start under interim head coach Raheem Morris, and hopes for a second-half run that could remind people of the 2019 run that saved Dan Quinn's job (for a few months).

In Week 10 the Falcons sat and watched Drew Brees exit with rib injuries and they began to prepare for a Saints team they expected to be led by backup QB Jameis Winston.

On Friday afternoon the reports began to surface that Taysom Hill would actually be the QB for the Saints and Falcons fan's imagination began to run wild. Fans had expected the team to be able to beat a Winston-led offense and they DEFINITELY had the mindset that Taysom Hill wasn't going to be able to beat them.

Not only did Hill beat the Falcons, leading the Saints to a 24-9 victory, but he actually looked like a real QB. That wasn't a good look for interim head coach Raheem Morris.

After separating with Dan Quinn five weeks into the season due to a winless start, the Falcons won three of their next four and some mindsets changed, but the team hadn't.

The only real difference between Dan Quinn's Falcons and Morris' Falcons is the quality of opponent faced. Sure the team blitzes a little bit more now, but nothing has changed.

In Quinn's five losses, the Falcons fell to a pair of teams headed to the playoffs (Seahawks and Packers) and also faced a Bears team that was off to a hot start.

In Morris' five games, three of them wins, the Falcons faced a Vikings team without Dalvin Cook, the Panthers twice, a Broncos team without an identity, and the Saints yesterday.

You can say what you want about DQ having no wins and Raheem gathering three of them, but the only thing that really changed was the opponents.

You shouldn't expect any real change with the Falcons until the offseason.