'Worst Things To Do Is Just Go Online': BBB Warns About Moving Company Scams


CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- If you are planning to move soon, the Better Business Bureau said you need to do your homework before hiring a moving company to avoid what it claims are common scams.

Steve Bernas of the Better Business Bureau said his group receives about 13,000 complaints a year nationally about fraud by moving companies.

He said the scams include extra fees, charging more to load or unload trucks, failing to compensate customers for damaged belongings, and delaying deliveries by days or weeks after customers have moved in.

Bernas said it's vital to research moving companies to find reputable ones.

"These are scam movers who are basically hired by a broker to go after consumers who really just go online and try and find a mover, and that's really the worst thing to do is just go online," he said.

He said moving fraud victims should contact a group called MoveRescue, which was set up by the moving industry to combat scams.

Bernas said moving fraud victims should also file police reports and contact the insurance company listed on the moving contract.