Chicago Maritime Museum Sorts Through Flood Damage

Chicago Maritime Museum
Photo credit Flooding at the Chicago Maritime Museum in Bridgeport (CMM/Facebook)

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — A museum all about the history of waterways in Chicago wasn’t immune to flooding over the weekend.

Parts of the Chicago Maritime Museum in Bridgeport were flooded when Bubbly Creek rose a few feet over its backdoor.

“Most of the display materials weren’t touched because they’re in display cases,” Volunteer William Derrah told WBBM Newsradio Monday. “The problems are that we’ve got storage areas that got over a foot of water, so we’re going to have to do remediation to save that kind of material.”

“We’ve never been flooded before. Bubbly Creek has risen, but it’s never gotten into the structure.” Repairs are expected to be costly and take some time, but Derrah is trying to stay positive. “We’re in the middle of pandemic,” he said. “If it had to happen, it’s not like the museum was going to be open next week, anyway.”