Water Commissioner Says City Has Plans To Replace Lead Service Lines

Water Faucet
By WBBM Newsradio 780 AM & 105.9 FM

For decades, it’s been known that lead from pipes like that leaches into the water, and when drunk by children can cause developmental problems.  Commissioner Conner calls replacing them a “daunting task”.

The city will unveil specifics of the plan in the coming weeks, but Cmsr. Conner said residents would need to “opt-in” to get the pipes replaced.

Cost is estimated up to $10,000 per property, and Conner said the city is looking to get some of that money from the state and federal governments. 

It’s unclear whether homeowners, themselves, would have to pay something, too. But he said residents have had to in other cities.

“We are quite sure we will be able to put a program together that will be satisfactory to the citizens of Chicago because, as always, our big concern is water quality and safety of the water program," Connor said.