Elmhurst School District, Teachers Council Disagree On Reopening Plan

Elmhurst School District and Teachers Council Disagree on Reopening Plan
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ELMHURST, ILL. (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Elmhurst School District 205 plans to have students in the classroom this fall, but the teachers council has voiced strong opposition.The current back-to-school plan, approved by Elmhurst District 205’s school board, will have Pre-K through fifth-grade students in buildings five days a week, and middle and high school students on a hybrid schedule of in-person and remote learning.“If a large majority of parents are intending to send their kids back full time, the classrooms we have are just not big enough to have all those students present but also to make sure the classrooms are well ventilated and spaced far enough apart, we just don’t think the social distancing will be able to be maintained," said Max Schoenberg, president of the Elmhurst Teachers Council.


DuPage County currently has a 5% positivity rate for COVID-19, making it a hot spot by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards.Schoenberg said the ETC wants to start the school year entirely online then gradually bring students back when it’s safe to do so.“We feel that by starting the year online we can focus on keeping students safe, but also making remote learning an improved experience," Schoenberg said.There have been minimal talks between the teachers union and the school board since the reopening plan’s approval, but in a statement, Superintendent Dr. David Moyer said "additional talks have been scheduled for next week and the administration is looking forward to a collaborative dialogue".  Moyer added District 205 and the Board also continue to commit to monitor the ever-changing health environment and make adjustments as necessary.