Highland Park Urges Travelers From Hotspots To Self-Quarantine

Mayor Nancy Rotering
Photo credit Mayor Nancy Rotering/Facebook

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Chicago isn’t the only city urging travelers to take extra steps when returning home from certain states where COVID-19 cases are surging.

Days after the Lake County Health Department recommended travelers self-quarantine and get tested for COVID-19 after returning home, Highland Park is issuing similar recommendations. 

"In essence, Highland Park is saying we agree with the Lake County Health Department. We agree with the Cook County Health Department. It is important that people recognize that they can increase their risk of exposure if they are traveling," Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering said.

Residents arriving from 17 states where cases are on the rise are being urged to take extra precautions when they return to Highland Park. 

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"The basic instructions that we have received are, everyone who is traveling to these hotspots needs to get tested and needs to take these precautions," said Mayor Nancy Rotering.

She said the most important of those precautions is self-quarantining for two weeks. Rotering said she understands it can be a bit of an inconvenience, but said now isn’t the time to ease up on safety protocol.

"It is an inconvenience. Everyone has been inconvenienced for four months now, but let's continue to work together and keep each other safe. And if it means being extra careful, it's worth it," Mayor Rotering said... “In Illinois, Chicago and Highland Park, we’ve all worked so hard to bring down the rate of infection. To have people maybe absentmindedly bring it back means that we need to raise it to the front of their consciousness...

"This virus is still very present. We are still in it for a number of months."

Mayor Rotering said the delay in COVID-19 test results is just another reason to be better safe, than sorry, and stay home. 

Among the affected states are Florida, California, Texas, Ohio, and Oklahoma. A full list of affected states can be found on the Highland Park website.