Madigan Says Among The Worst Of Trump's Actions Is His 'Deliberate Efforts To Fan The Flames Of Hatred'

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Photo credit Illinois House Democrats
By WBBM Newsradio 780 AM & 105.9 FM

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has kept a low profile at the virtual Democratic National Convention underway this week, but he was more vocal Wednesday evening.

As Illinois' Chairman of the Democratic Party Michael Madigan leads Illinois' delegation to the convention, but is somewhat implicated in an alleged bribery scheme with Commonwealth Edison, he has avoided the spotlight recently. But Wednesday night at an online delegation discussion on racial and economic justice, Speaker Madigan gave more than a welcome.

He said Democrats this week have laid out the case for removing Donald Trump from office, including his assault on the rights of women and workers.

"Among the worst of Donald Trump's actions is his deliberate efforts to fan the flames of hatred and racial and ethnic division for his own political purposes," Madigan said.

And more than one other speaker thanked Madigan for his hard work.

But fallout from a federal corruption case still hangs over him.

During a conference call, 3rd District Congressional Candidate Marie Newman was asked is she believes Madigan being implicated in an alleged bribery scheme will be a distraction for Democrats this November.

The progressive nominee's answer was a strong "no."

"I am infuriated by the ComEd scandal. We will not let us be distracted by that kind of this. This is the type of corporate scandal that the dictator in chief is famous for, and we as a party, a Democratic party, have to come to the board, be united, and fight this tooth and nail," Newman said.

For his part, Madigan has said he has done nothing wrong, and never made a legislative decision with improper motives.