'I Am Here To Again Talk About Solutions': Mayor Lightfoot Promises CPD Reforms Coming Within 90 Days

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By WBBM Newsradio 780 AM & 105.9 FM

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Mayor Lightfoot took time to address the City of Chicago on Tuesday night, and promises changes to policing.

In her State of the City Address, the Mayor promised significant reforms to the Chicago Police Department within 90 days; but stressed that community involvement is key to make that happen. 

"I am not here with you tonight to just share reflections, some flowery prose, without concrete solutions...that would be a meaningless or cynical gesture. I am here to again talk about solutions," Lightfoot said. "Here’s where we start: Regarding police reform and accountability, yes, we are under a consent decree, but the process of reform has been too slow and too narrowly focused. I will share with you now, the directives that I have given to Superintendent Brown for some immediate necessary next steps on our journey toward reform. It means implementing the police accountability reform measures I laid out as the head of the Police Accountability Task Force—ones that build bridges between police and community. I will be working with the Superintendent and department leadership to implement a number of these measures within the next 90 days, ones critical to resolving our crisis. These include:

"Better and different training for police officers which brings the community into the academy as teachers. This means training for district law enforcement on the history of neighborhoods taught from the perspective of community members. Expanding on programs like M3 (My Block, My Hood, My City) that provide youth-led tours of neighborhoods, so that officers understand the history of the people they are required to serve and protect.

"Implementing a real officer wellness program and completing the Officer Support System/Early Intervention System pilot that provide supports for officers in crisis, improving our peer support program and providing counselors to those in need—because we all know hurt people hurt people. Our officers must have better tools to manage the trauma and stress they see every day.

"Mandating crisis intervention and procedural justice training for all officers. Providing real tools for officers and community members to deescalate challenging situations.

"Establishing a new recruit program on police-community relations and community policing with views from the community about what works.

"90 days. Let’s get it done and the Superintendent and the Department must be totally transparent in these efforts. This is just a start, not the end of our journey for police reform and accountability," Lightfoot said.

The Mayor also spoke on the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and called the video "heartbreaking." 

The city has also created a $10 million fund for businesses devastated by weekend looting and rioting, as well as new investments into mental health services.