At Issue: Melissa Conyears-Ervin Prides Local Female Leadership

Melissa Conyears-Ervin
Photo credit WBBM Newsradio/Craig Dellimore
By WBBM Newsradio 780 AM & 105.9 FM

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- The new Chicago City Treasurer said the fact that the top three officials in the City are all women of color is going to make a real difference to the people of Chicago, in policies and practice.Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin said it makes a difference that Lori Lightfoot is now Chicago’s Mayor and Anna Valencia is City Clerk. She feels policies will more reflect the needs of working women, for example. 

But, what difference should race or gender make if officials do their jobs well? She said she wants to show that women not only can "do it all," but that they can do it well. She said she wants to encourage all women.Conyears-Ervin, however,  did not comment directly on the racketeering indictment against senior city council member Edward Burke. She did talk about what the events of the week mean for Chicago and its future. And, she applauded Mayor Lori Lightfoot for quickly passing the ordinances that reform council rules and change committee chairmanships."It's a new day in Chicago," she said.

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