Riverside Police Bust Man Drinking While Driving With Loaded Handgun

Riverside police bust man drinking while driving with loaded handgun
Photo credit Riverside police

RIVERSIDE, ILL. (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Police in west suburban Riverside said they caught a man who was drinking while driving and had a loaded handgun.

The 46-year-old man was pulled over on Ogden Avenue about 3:30 Sunday morning.

Riverside Police tweeted a photo of an open bottle of liquor in the car and a photo of the weapon as well.

Police say the man is a two-time convicted felon with previous weapons convictions.    
Police are tracing the gun to see if it has been used in any crimes.

RPD arrests male/46 of Maywood for felony Unlawful Use of Weapon charge. He was drinking Toto's and driving with fully loaded .40 cal Taurus handgun. He was 2 time convicted felony w/previous weapons convictions. RPD tracing gun for open cases. Took place at 3:30 AM off Ogden Ave pic.twitter.com/wPc4X6DIcB

— Riverside Police (@PDRiverside) August 9, 2020