Expert Says Safety Is Up To Everyone When It Comes To Colleges Resuming Classes

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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- As many get ready to send their children back to college campuses this fall, a local health expert said making sure the resumption is done safely is up to everyone: colleges, students, and parents. Many colleges are relying on CDC guidelines. “Everything revolves around the safe practices of masking and social distancing,” said Dr. Nimmi Rajagopal, Associate Chair of Family and Community Medicine with Cook County Health. “You really have to assess the space.”

 Rajagopal said that will be different for every campus and classroom, but many should look to the hybrid method of both in-person and virtual learning. Outside of the classroom, she said students must step up. “It’s not about what you can’t do, but how can you do things safely. You can still see your friends and spend time with them, but do it outside, socially distancing while wearing masks," Rajagopal said. There’s also added pressure on parents. “These are kids that are smart, but I think they need some help and support along the way,” Rajagopal said. “Things like regular check-ins, regular support and asking the questions that we might not have otherwise asked.” Things like who students have been socializing with and where and if dorms are following proper protocol.