School Supplies Stores See New Customers: Parents

School Supplies Store

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- School supply stores in the Chicago area have new source of customers: parents.

As of this week, all school districts in Illinois have converted to remote learning.  Even though teachers send lesson plans and online learning applications each day, parents still have to run school from home.

Brenda Carucci is the owner of Chicago Teacher on Milwaukee Avenue in Bucktown.  Her store is still open and shoppers can pick up supplies, while adhering to the rules of social distancing.

Carucci offers advice to parents who are new to teaching.

"Let's get up. Let's start a routine. Let's have breakfast. Let's brush our teeth. I think a routine, even a posted schedule is good for parents and for kids so that everybody in the household is kind of on the same page," Carucci said.

She admits that times are tough even with the influx of new customers.  She hopes that she can make it through the start of back to school shopping season this summer.

"I think I'm lucky this didn't happen in August.  If this is August I would be dead in the water, I would not survive.  I think I can survive, but this is based on getting through April 30.  If this goes on farther, I'm not sure," Carcucci said.

Until then, she said, she's ready to dispense advice to parents who find themselves working as educators.