North Suburb To Residents: Don't Let Your Guard Down

Social Distance
Photo credit iStock/Getty Images

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- Leaders in Lake Bluff say if residents don’t remain vigilant when it comes to reducing the spread of COVID-19, everyone will suffer.

Village President Kathleen O’Hara admits it’s frustrating to once again have to remind the public to practice social distancing and wear face masks.

 “I’m just glad our parents and grandparents didn’t get bored with World War II,” she said. “This is definitely a risk for our nation.”

The village has sent out a news release highlighting what it calls three major COVID-19 risks: unnecessary social gatherings, the mishandling of youth sports and failure to wear proper face coverings in public.

“Science and statistics have shown that wearing the face masks has worked. We need it to continue to work.”

O’Hara said the only way for school to safely resume in the fall and for certain businesses to remain open is everyone doing their part.

“We’re all frustrated, we all hate wearing the masks,” she said. “But guess what? We have to right now. If we want to improve and conquer this disease, we have to do it.”