WATCH: Fishermen rescue sea turtle from the jaws of a tiger shark in ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ moment


Two fishermen off of the coast of Bahamas rescued a sea turtle moments before it was eaten by a deadly tiger shark.

The harrowing moment captured on camera was posted to social media and has since gone viral.

Kai Survance, who runs his own fishing adventure company, was out at sea with his friend Bronson Russel on November 22, according to Fox News. The two friends left early in morning with the hopes of catching some wahoo, a type of fish best known to sports fishing.

“We were three miles off-shore and it was splashing around. We thought it was a marlin actually,” Survance told the outlet.

The men posted the video to the Kai Owen Fishing YouTube page. The rescue can be seen at minute 6:20.

The video shows the men close enough to the shark to see the turtle thrashing around and struggling for its life. They knew they couldn’t reach down to grab it, as it might have led to a trip in an ambulance.

“I didn’t wanna stick my hand out there, that tiger shark was massive,” said Survance.

The pair waited until the shark relaxed its grip and let go of the turtle enough for them to set it free.

“We backed up the boat and grabbed it… went three or four miles toward shallow water,” Survance said.

The video shows the fishermen releasing the turtle back into the crystal blue water with no predators in sight.

“It was once-in a lifetime,” Survance said, "I’ve spent countless hours on the water. From when I could walk and swim, I’ve been on the water… and that’s gotta be one of the craziest things I’ve seen.”

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