Doctor says they too have COVID-fatigue, but people need to continue wearing masks, maintaining distance

Dr. Alebich said the spike in COVID will only get worse unless more people get serious about it.
Dr Mike Alebich
Dr Mike Alebich Photo credit WBBM Newsradio/Bernie Tafoya

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- A doctor on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19 said he and other medical professionals are frustrated that people are doing less now than in the spring to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus when the numbers of people contracting the virus are on the rise.

Cook County Health Dr. Mike Alebich said he and other health care professionals have COVID fatigue just like everyone else and are frustrated so many people are doing less to slow the virus’ spread. He said not enough people are wearing masks and keeping their distance from others.

"The feeling I had was almost like you were in a zombie movie, you know. There was this feeling of impending doom. I feel that, with the fatigue, that’s all gone away, but the threat hasn’t and in fact, the threat is worse," he said.

Dr. Alebich, a hospitalist (an internist who only works in a hospital setting), said there's no reason for people not to wear masks, that there's been no study that shows wearing a mask is unhealthy as some non-mask wearers claim.

"Everyone has the right to punch the air, but your right to punch the air ends where my face begins," he said.

With Thanksgiving less than a month away, Dr. Alebich’s advice may be tough too swallow, but it could help keep your loved ones safe.

"I think the thing you can do to give thanks for your family is stay away from them," he said.

Dr. Alebich said it's best not to travel for Thanksgiving, especially across state lines and out of the Midwest.

"I think we all need to grin and bear it for another year here until we’re all vaccinated and realize the most caring, the most thankful thing you can do is to stay away, maintain distance," he said.

Dr. Alebich said COVID hospitalizations are on the rise and "it’s quite frightening" what could be in store for us for the next few months.

Dr. Alebich said the spike in COVID will only get worse unless more people get serious about it.