Lake View Bar And Bowling Alley Becomes 'Another COVID Casualty'

Bowling Photo credit iStock/Getty Images

The owner of Southport Lanes — the Lakeview bar and bowling alley where they set the pins by hand — says they are closing for good in 10 days.

Southport Lanes has been there for 98 years.

Steve Soble is a co-owner of the building.  And he’s owned Southport Lanes for 29 years.

He reopened in July, but he says business has been down 75 percent. He couldn’t rent the lanes out because of COVID and couldn’t do parties.

“And when you can’t do that, obviously for safety reasons, it makes it very hard to keep a business like Southport Lanes open,” Soble said Thursday. “And the situation is just untenable.  We can’t generate enough money to stay open.

“So, we’ve decided that it’s time to close. It’s another COVID casualty.”

Soble says the last day will be Sept. 27.

He says he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Nobody is beating his door down to take over the business, he said.

The building will not be torn down, Soble said.