Say 'I love you' with a Madagascar hissing cockroach

Madagascar hissing cockroaches Photo credit Getty Images

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a Chicago area zoo is offering a unique gift idea.

Andre Copeland, the Interpretive Programs Manager at Brookfield Zoo, said they’re always looking for new ways to connect Chicago with nature.

“One of the ways we do this around this time of season, in which people are thinking about love, is with our ‘Name a Roach’ program,” Copeland explains.

It’s as simple as it sounds: A $15 donation gives you the chance to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach inside the Hammill Family Play Zoo.

“If you’ve been spurned by love, you can name a roach and contribute to the care of that roach in honor of someone that spurned you,” he said.

Or for the lover in your life, it can also be seen as a nice gesture — Copeland says. That’s because the insects are known for helping keep the forest floor clean, he said.

“Either way, you’re helping to care for these wonderful animals at Brookfield Zoo.”

While the zoo remains closed to the public, pictures will be posted to social media.

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