Waukegan cops ID burglary suspects shot dead during break-in

Burglary Suspects Shot Dead
Jimy Tenorio, Christian Tenorio Photo credit Waukegan Police

Two brothers were killed in Waukegan Tuesday when they were shot by a man who was renting a room in the basement of the single-family home the siblings broke into, police said.

Christian Tenorio and Jimy Tenorio, both of Waukegan, knocked on the door in the 100 block of Frolic Avenue but then forced their way inside when a woman answered, according to details released by Waukegan police Thursday.

Christian Tenorio, 36, took out a revolver as the woman called for help, police said. A man in his 30s who rents a room in the basement heard the commotion and went upstairs with a pistol, confronting the brothers and allegedly shooting Christian Tenorio.

Jimy Tenorio, 34, went on to grab his brother’s gun and started dragging him out of the home, police said.

That’s when the renter retreated and returned moments later with an assault rifle, police said. Jimy Tenorio and the man exchanged multiple rounds of gunfire before the younger Tenorio was shot in the front yard, police said. The renter was not injured.

The woman, a toddler she babysitting and a small dog that ran outside during the shooting were also not harmed, police said.

Officers arrived at the scene and found the brothers dead on the lawn, police said.

No one at the home knew why the home was targeted by the men, police said.

Neither brother had a FOID card, but the man and woman inside the home each had one, police said. No charges have been filed.

The shooting happened within a block of a Motel 6 that’s been the site of two recent murders.

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