Someone adopts Illinois highway under the name 'Whites in Politics'

An Adopt A Highway sign in Shiloh, Illinois seems to display a political statement with racial undertones. We're digging for answers.
"Whites in Politics" displayed on an Adopt A Highway sign in St. Clair County Illinois
Adopt A Highway sign in St. Clair County Illinois displays controversial phrase on busy highway. Photo credit KMOX/Eric Sykes

St. Clair County, IL (KMOX) -- A sign displaying a controversial statement with seemingly racial and political undertones is raising questions in a Metro East community.

The Adopt A Highway sign located at the intersection of Thouvenot Lane and Hartman Lane in Shiloh, Illinois displays a questionable statement, "Whites in Politics."

KMOX reached out to St. Clair County Engineer Norman Etling last week to get clarification on the sign. Today, Etling responded to our efforts but didn't answer any of our questions. He simply stated that the sign in question would be removed.

"The sign in question is scheduled to be taken down this week. Not sure if it is tomorrow or Friday depending on other work," Etling stated in an email to KMOX.

When exactly the sign was installed is not known at this time. Viewing the exact location via Google Street View shows that there is no sign at the time the imaging was captured by Google in July 2019.

We asked for more clarification on the sign. How was this sign approved in the first place? Who approved the sign? So far, those questions have gone unanswered.

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