Amherst, Kwik Fill Battling over Vacant Parcel

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Amherst, NY (WBEN) Years after the Kwik Fill gas station was torn down at the corner of Kenmore Avenue and Niagara Falls Boulevard, the property has remained vacant, and a recent showdown over eminent domain has infuriated the property owner.

Catsimatidis says he's through with Amherst. "That whole Buffalo area needs more investment, and if we have politicians in that way, I think it chases away businesses," says Catsimatidis. "We will not invest in Amherst."  The New York billionaire vows to never create another job in the Amherst area again.

Kulpa thinks it's more than just about that parcel. "I would think if you're going to make a bold statement, there's something more at play than just your investment in Amherst because Amherst is one of many municipalities," says Kulpa.