BPTO calls for a remote start to the school year

Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization
Photo credit [WBEN Photo - Brendan Keany]

BUFFALO (WBEN) - On Friday afternoon, several members of the Buffalo Parent Teacher Organization held a press conference on the steps of City Hall to discuss their concerns about schools reopening in September, as Governor Cuomo announced earlier in the day that schools can return to an in-person learning environment.

However, the organization does not believe the district should move forward with students in a classroom setting without four things being established:

  • more financial support
  • COVID-19 testing
  • contact tracing
  • consensus-based plan for reopening

"Until we have money, a clear and robust testing protocol for schools, and trained contact tracers for the entire district, it is not safe to reopen all of our buildings," said Rachel Fix Dominguez, co-chair of the organization. "We know that virtual learning will not be as good; we know that teachers will try their hardest, but virtual learning is not the same as in-person learning, and we know that it will be frustrating and tough, but we have to keep people safe, first and foremost."

For these reasons, the BPTO is calling for a remote start to the school year.

"Let's stay safe; let's stay virtual for right now," Fix Dominguez continued. "Let's also get the funding in place to reopen without risking our kids by ensuring testing and contract tracing are being done correctly."