In-Depth: Burstein Discusses Coronavirus with WBEN

Gale Burstein
Photo credit (WBEN Photo/Brendan Keany)

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) "Unfortunately we're just at the beginning of our curve".  Thats how the public health leader charged with navigating Erie County through an unfolding public health crisis described the current state of the coronavirus outbreak in the Buffalo area.

Dr. Gale Burstein is spending her days looking at data and pleading with the public to take warnings, advisories and guidelines seriously.  And Erie County's health commissioner says social distancing will need to continue to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Some have been asking about whether masks can help prevent getting infected. "We know regular masks can reduce your risk, but it's not a complete prevention like an n95," says Burstein, who notes an n95 mask is fitted and has a respirator attached to filter out viruses and bacteria.

She notes Elderwood is turning part of its Amherst facility into a treatment center for those dealing with coronavirus. "Having an isolated facility for those who are COVID19 positive is a strategy to try to reduce the spread of infection within the health care facility and also could be more efficient with more personal protective equipment used," says Burstein.

What can you take to relieve symptoms of coronavirus? "Take Tylenol if you have a fever, have plenty of rest and fluids, keep your nutrition up, and if you need to see a provider, call ahead," advises Burstein.