Cash discusses reopening plan for Buffalo Schools

Dr. Kriner Cash
Photo credit (WBEN Photo/Brendan Keany)

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The dramatic ramp-up to a unique and challenger beginning of a school year continues to unfold in school districts across Western New York and New York State. Parents, students, teachers and staff are all looking for guidance, assurance and information amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Buffalo Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash hosted the first of five meetings on the district's reopening plan. And he's asking parents for input.

Cash says he's looking to principals to look at operational details to schedules and learning. "It's an exciting time while it's also a worrying time. If we worry only, we won't take advantage of the many opportunities before us," says Cash. 

Cash answered one parent's question about distance learning year round. "That is an option that we are posing to our parents. It's one of three broad options for parents to consider at this time," says Cash. "We will be working in the coming days what exactly you will need from the district for you to have a succesfful year of remote learning." Cash says he intends to have plans for parents who prefer their children learn in-school.

"We think as we're out to survey now a percentage will choose in-person only, others will choose distance learning, and a percentage will want a hybrid approach," predicts Cash. "We don't anticipate every parent will choose to have their child come back in person. If they do, that would be a situation that would not allow me to say we could do it safely."