Cuomo: parents and teachers will ultimately decide on school reopening

Cuomo with Mask

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Governor Cuomo says schools will need input from parents and teachers to reopen, as they will have the ultimate final say.

"We will have a threshhold decision in terms of the viral rate spread, region by region. We will not reopen schools until the spread rate says we have it under control," says Cuomo. "It is not just a question of the state or the local school district pronouncing schools will reopen. The parents will make the ulitmate decision on a practical level."

Cuomo says while the state could say schools in Buffalo are safe to reopen, the parents will decide whether to send their child. "If the parents are the final determinant, they have to be in the discussion," urges Cuomo. "It's a discussion among the Buffalo School District, and the parents of Buffalo and the teachers of Buffalo, because if the teachers say they're not coming in, and the parents aren't sending their kids to school, the state's decision is irrelevant."

"I once again say to our 700 school districts across the state, please be consulting and communicating with the parents and the teachers because they are the vital stakeholders. Not only are they vital stakeholders, they are the ultimate determination. So please, be consulting with them. Talk to them because if they're not comfortable with the plan nothing is actually going to counteract their feelings. If a teacher doesn't show up, you can't open the class. If the parent doesn't send their child, there is no child to educate. And that is inarguable," adds Cuomo.