David Bellavia to be honored in Niagara Falls Saturday

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Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Another honor for David Bellavia this weekend as the City of Niagara Falls will pay tribute to the Medal of Honor recipient with the key to the city. 

The event at the Rapids Theatre will be held from 3pm to 5pm Saturday, October 12th and the ticketed session, which will include an address by Bellavia, will also be the kickoff of Bellavia's newly established non-profit "Deuce Deuce Relief Fund".  The Deuce Deuce fund will benefit soldiers from David's prior Task Force in Iraq (Task Force 2-2). 

In the meantime, Bellavia said he's not concerned about the noise surrounding the NY27 Congressional race.

"I've long made up my mind," Bellavia told WBEN. "I just believe that you don't tell the general population before you tell the people that are involved in the party and are involved in these decisions. This is something we've thought about for a very long time. I know exactly what my decision is. Right now I need to talk to the Chairmen and Women so that this decision is made internally and not publicly, and it's not a spectacle." 

Bellavia also will sign copies of his book 'House to House: A Soldier's Memoir' at the event.