Doctors review school reopening plans

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Photo credit Maryvale High School. August 2019. WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman

"What I've seen is they all seem to be gravitating toward hybrid," says Dr. Joe Chow of WNY Immediate Care. "I think we need to be flexible because if one person gets this, that can really run rampant very quickly, so let's make sure we have alternative plans just in case." Chow says it's ideal to have temperature checks before going on buses, but "there are questions over whether buses will be run or parents will have to take children to school. The child also has to let the parent know if he doesn't feel well, so communication is vital.'

Dr. Stephen Turkovich of Oishei Children's Hospital says it's likely temperature checks will be mandated as kids and parents enter the school. "Many children are asymptomatic so temperature checks will not capture everybody and many of the children have symptoms like headaches and abdominal pain, not just a fever. So if they have any of those symptoms, they may want to stay home," says Turkovich.