Hitting the Reset Button on the 198

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Photo credit WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - The State Department of Transportation is hitting the reset button on the Scajaquada Corridor.  

A new planning process will begin for the roadway - led by the Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council.

The GBNRTC will coordinate all interested parties, including community leaders, stakeholders, officials and the public.  

A steering committee will also be created to help guide the process.

In 2015, a tragic accident that took the life of a toddler, resulted in a speed reduction to 30 mph.

Just last week, former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra began a petition drive to restore the speed to 50.

"I have no issues with a restart whatsoever," said Giambra.  "We need to develop a consensus as to what that roadway is going to look like in the future, but until that decision is made, put the speed limit back to where it was."

Giambra thinks the timeline for the project has now been pushed back 3-5 years.